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About the Book

This book will share some insights for both people who are currently in need of getting money for their business as well as people that are in a situation where they currently do not feel like they need any money but would like to be armed with the knowledge that may be useful if they ever did need to consider financing. This book will arm the reader (Business owner, or aspiring Business owner) with the perspective that most funders have, which will allow the Business principal to better anticipate and position themselves in a way that can increase their chances for receiving funding. The book was written after witnessing the different perspectives that business owners and funders have, its aim is to bridge that gap so that there can be greater understanding between those aspiring to receive funds and those giving it. The book is mainly focus on speaking to those aspiring to receive funds, to help them be more successful by learning these 7 things they should know as a foundational piece to their funding endeavors.


About the Author

Dr. David Doriscar completed his Bacherlor’s & MBA from Nova Southeastern University. He has experience as a managing partner of a commodity investment firm, as well as a marketing & Sales executive. He completed his doctorate in leadership & Management at St. Thomas University. He is the Chief Relationship Officer @ Doriscar Capital Group, an organization that helps businesses get funding from micro loans to North of a $100 million dollars.