Dr. David Doriscar
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Dr. David Doriscar is a professional that has had the privilege of working in many different industries both in the private sector and in the public sector. After completing a B.S degree in Computer Information System, Dr. Doriscar continued his quest for knowledge by getting Masters of Business Administration that help him get his foot into the financial industry. Dr. David Doriscar worked as a series three licensed commodity broker investing commodities in the New York Mercantile Exchange and moved up to becoming the managing partner of the commodity investment firm. While at the firm Dr. Doriscar help the organization reduce turnover and increase its clientele significantly. Subsequently, Dr. Doriscar worked as a sales and marketing executive in the healthcare industry.


Dr. Doriscar was raised in a community active family. Being the son of a preacher that did great financial literacy programs for his congregation, Dr. David felt the call to continue the legacy of his late father by helping to strengthen the growth of the church and community-based activities. In his quest to continue sharpening his skills to serve the community Dr. Doriscar decided to work in academia. In his role as a graduate admission adviser and eventually a student success manager Dr. Doriscar has had the privilege to help individuals looking to change careers and better themselves through education. In his role in the graduate department he has enrolled hundreds of students in diverse graduate programs to help lift themselves to a better future. During this time Dr. Doriscar has sought to further equip himself with further education earning a post graduate certificate in applied behavior analysis and a graduate certificate in Human Resource.


Succeeding the previous mentioned studies Dr. Doriscar receive his Doctor of Education in Leadership and Management. After some time, Dr. Doriscar resigned at Kaplan University and started Doriscar Capital Group to help businesses received the adequate funding that may not be readily available through traditional banking measures. With a diverse set of funding options at Doriscar Capital Group, organizations can receive funding to grow, or to get capital for a purchase order instead of waiting for payment in 90 day increments; Businesses may seek funding from micro-loans to north of 100 million dollars in real-estate related projects, to working capital related funding needs for businesses. Dr. David was co-author of a research study entitled “Organizational trustworthiness: perceptions of the students, faculty, and staff within a university” published in the Research of Higher Education Journal volume 38. Dr. David Doriscar is also the proud author of the book entitled “7 things to know about getting money for your business”. Dr. David is president of the Tamarac chapter of Network Professional Inc (NPI). Dr. Doriscar was a subject matter guest expert on the nationally Bloomberg-syndicated radio show Crime Time with Dr. Debbie speaking on fraud in financing.