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First disclaimer of this book is that I have tried to the best of my abilities to write this for nonfinancial people. I am aware that many of the people who start businesses do not have a background in finance. They are not experts in financial terms. So to the best of my ability I tried to use more common terms when available. I am also aware that this may come at a cost of not using terms that may more appropriately convey the breadth of the topic being explained. However, the trade-off that I’m using is that if you are more advanced, it is easier for you to understand the layman’s term than maybe less perfectly fitting to the topic I’m explaining, then it is for someone to understand the complex terminology that may explain in better detail the topic when they are a neophyte.


This book will hopefully have some insights for both people who are currently in need of getting money for their business, as well as people who are in a situation where they currently do not feel like they need any money but would like to be armed with the knowledge that may be useful if they ever did need to consider financing. So let us go on to discuss the seven things you need to know to get money for your business. There are a ton of things that one probably should know that goes beyond the seven that I covered. However, I believe that knowing the seven things will give you a great enough advantage to make informed decisions that will aid in your pursuit of getting funding for your business.